Dysport: Botulinum toxin

Neuromodulators or neurotoxins are sometimes called wrinkle relaxers. Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxic protein that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and its associated species. You may have heard of the brand name “Botox”, which is just one of many brands of commercial forms of botulinum toxin. In fact, there are seven main types of botulinum toxin named from A to G, with Types A and B being used commercially and for medical aesthetics. 

Neuromodulators reduce signals from your nerves to your muscles, in the area where you’re injected. This stops your muscle from fully contracting so it can no longer make the movements that cause you to have lines and wrinkles. However, rest assured that you’ll still be able to make positive facial expressions, even though they may be less exaggerated than before.

DYSPORT® is a neuromodulator we use to soften your current wrinkles as well as prevent future wrinkles. After several months, your muscles will slowly regain full activity, and it will be time for your follow-up treatment.
If your wrinkles appear only when you make facial expressions, neuromodulators are recommended. If grooves and folds are present even when your face is at rest, fillers may be applied to smooth out these areas. We would then recommend a combination of DYSPORT® and dermal filler in order for you to enjoy the very best results.

If you’re ready to try neuromodulators, or just want to know more from Daniela Bobsin, contact us and book your one-on-one consultation. We will then discuss your specific needs and develop a personalized plan to achieve the look you want.

How can neuromodulators help?

At Daniela Bobsin Beauty, we offer DYSPORT® neuromodulator injections, which can help with the following:

  • Reduce and soften your existing wrinkles and prevent future wrinkles
  • Reduce and soften crow’s feet next to your eyes, frown lines, forehead lines, and more
  • Treat migraine
  • Treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Treat stiff muscles and trigger points
  • Treat teeth clenching and grinding

That’s why our DYSPORT® neuromodulator injections are perfect if you want to look more refreshed and relaxed, or if you’re currently living with migraine, hyperhidrosis or stiff muscles.

Are there any side effects or complications?

A few common side effects for neuromodulators such as DYSPORT® include a small amount of discomfort, temporary bruising, and transient headaches.

More rare and unexpected side effects include infection at the injection site, temporary eyelid or eyebrow drooping (2% of injections), and allergic response.

How soon will I see a difference? How long does a treatment last? How long is the treatment itself?

You can expect to see results within days after your treatment. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes.

The results from DYSPORT® are not permanent but, your youthful appearance will last from 3-4 months.

If I stop using If I stop using DYSPORT® will I look worse than I did before?

No, if you stop receiving injections facial aging will simply start to develop from that point onwards.

There will be no cumulative aging effect from the time that you started receiving treatments to the time you stopped.

Can everyone use DYSPORT®?

Most people between the ages of 18 and 79 can use DYSPORT®.

Those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a neuromuscular disorders, taking antibiotics, and undergoing dental procedures should be postponed.